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The lengths to which I will go to attain stupid shit in video games

So I wanted Ludger’s voice and I didn’t want to play all the way through to get it, nor did I want to use somebody else’s save file and go NG+ with their shit.

So I downloaded PS3 Bruteforce Save Data (google it) and added a cheat to allow Ludger’s voice to be on (really it was part of a cheat sheet full of grade shop goodies, but I just want the voice)

So yeah, fuck video games basically. Now if only I could apply my tenacity and vigor from video games in the real world I would actually be getting somewhere with my life.

A link to the full image for anyone having problems

Anyone want to help me make this chart more complete?

edit: I forgot to add Jude Mathis (Tales of Xillia) and Flynn Scifo (Tales of Vesperia) to the image. It must have slipped my mind because bamco never gave us PS3 Vesperia because they hate their western fanbase.

Not enough of an oversight to add to the image, I’d need at least a few more additions.

Major complaints:
- Ludger’s voice can only be unlocked post-game (WHY?)
- Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey
- Fetch quests, monster kill quests, quest limits (you can only have 5 active at a time in the beginning), and other pointless timesinks
- Fucking 20 million gald in debt… though I suppose this is proper retribution for me equipping Sephiras and Blue Sephiras on all my characters and eating +100% Gald food in the previous game leaving me with very deep pockets. Oh the irony…

Things I actually like:
- Ludger (the only strictly new playable character) is extremely versatile as a fighter which makes combat a lot more fun
- Interesting new combat mechanics (though honestly I don’t even use most of them)
- Rollo
- Elle even though she looks and acts like a 5 year old but is apparently officially 8 years old (and Jude/Leia are only 16? Elize is 13!? HOW DOES AGE WORK ANY MORE? Maybe it was all lost in the timey wimey ball or something)
- Skits are funny, if a bit awkward

- Real-time Kitty Dispatch
- Real-time actual real-life-day based multipliers
- Nova can be cute sometimes
- Allium orbs are slightly less tedious than Lillium orbs on an individual character basis… but micromanaging them amongst all your characters is a mess
- Shamelessly reusing assets from the first game

Whatever. It has a fun combat system, and the loveable cast of Xillia is returning (guess who my favorite character from Xillia 1 is and you win a prize) for more shenanigans and skits.

Story is absolute trash, disregard it entirely except to mock it and the writers. This is worse than Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction.

How do people — particularly JRPG fans — play a game several times? And I don’t mean like playing it ten years after the initial playthrough for nostalgia, I mean playing it over again immediately after beating it or playing it once every year.

Once I beat a game I’m usually done with it unless it has a SPECTACULAR new game plus (I consider post-story content to be part of the game, i.e. I haven’t “beaten” a game unless I beat the post-story content)

The only game I’ve honestly played more than once was Tales of Symphonia, and that’s only because the second time around I was playing it with a friend.

Also shit like Animal Crossing.

I mean I know you can spend a million hours in the game, but I really only gave it about 40 hours before calling it quits, and I’d say that’s a pretty solid amount.

But there are people that are STILL regularly playing it who bought it at release or within a few months of its release.

It baffles me, honestly. I mean, do you just not want to play other games? Can you not AFFORD other games? Do you have some strange condition that makes it difficult to go outside your comfort zone and play games you’re not familiar with?

I play a few games a month (I do other things in my life besides vidya otherwise I’d play multiple games a WEEK) and it just baffles me. How do these kinds of obsessions arise?

darknight0211 asked:

I am sorry if I am bothering you, but, can I please have one of those codes for the Super Smash bros demo? I have been looking for a nice person who would give me a code. Also, you have a really cool blog. :)

I already gave the codes out to friends, I’m sorry.

If I were going to give out codes I would have said so, so please no more messages about this.

Yeah, I got platinum last year and I’ve been playing some of the Smash demo.

I have no real gripes about the game itself other than it just feels like Brawl 1.5 with added characters, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing since it’s a fanservice game.

The villager, on the other hand… I feel like the A-attack moveset needs some serious changing. The only good smash attack is the down+A, and a lot of opportunities were just completely missed.

Where’s the fishing rod, for example? And whose bright idea was it to make the slingshot an air attack?

In general, the Villager seems to have HORRIBLE air attacks — which is probably to make up for obvious ground superiority — and a lot of possible utility that could have been included is lost.

The special attacks all are very unique and interesting with the pocket special attack living up to the hype and then some, but other than that the villager’s moveset is trash.

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