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I’m always doing this in games with strict character creation. I can’t help but keep restarting four or five hours into the damn game and making a new character because I feel just the tiniest bit of regret about the character I’ve made.

I’ve actually made SIX different characters in this game.

The first three were all swordfighters, the next two were bandits, and this of course is a sorcererer.

I plan to make her a hex maniac, thus the name and complexion.

I did this in the original Dark Souls as well. I got exceedingly good at the first few bosses of the game, but never really got past that.

Maybe I’ll break the streak and actually go through the entire game this time. Who knows!

Whoops! I’ve been dead for a while, huh?

Yeah I’ve been playing Smash Bros. 4

Oh hey, how about that ATTACK ON TITAN anime? It’s kind of cool. I’ve been watching it and the last anime arc on Toonami.

Yeah yeah, I know, subs vs dubs, I don’t care. I like the English voice actors and respect them for daring to voice act for a niche product that isn’t exactly selling like hot cakes in the west.

Anime rarely does well in the west unless it’s pokemon.

So yeah, here’s a post. Thanks for reading! YEP!

go weegee

I know there’s no chance in hell it would ever happen, but I keep holding out hope that some day, somehow, a Tales character is going to make it into a Smash Bros. game.

Lloyd Irving would be first choice since he was on the Gamecube, with Yuri Lowell being second just because he’s so damn popular.

And for a while I thought that it was possible, especially with bamco’s involvement in SM4SH. But alas…

Maybe we’ll at least get a Tales of Vs. 2 on home consoles with online multiplayer?

I can dream.

I told myself I wouldn’t

I told myself I wouldn’t get Pokemon diamond or pearl. I did.

I said I wouldn’t get Heart Gold or Soul Silver. I did.

I said I wouldn’t get Black or White or their sequels… and good for me, I didn’t!

But when X and Y came around and I told myself “I definitely shouldn’t get this!” you can bet your sweet ass I got them anyway.

And now the Sapphire and Ruby remakes are coming out and I can’t help but feel extremely conflicted.

I’ve played this game twenty times over, it’s not going to be any different than any other pokemon game… and yet, I loved playing Emerald so much I almost feel obligated to get the remake.

Sometimes, Nintendo… I just really hate you.

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